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Baseball Stats is an iPhone app that delivers stats for Major League Baseball players in a completely different way. Babe Ruth's numbers can surely be found anywhere. But Baseball Stats displays the players best performance years.

Did you know that Ichiro Suzuki, has batted more Hits in his best ten years than Pete Rose, the lifetime Hits leader? That kind of data can't be found anywhere else!!!

Baseball Stats is one of a kind for it displays the stats for the player's best performance years.

Moreover, it has the data for their best performance ten consecutive years span.

For example, in Home Runs Barry Bonds is the lifetime leader with 762. However, the leader in his best ten years is Babe Ruth with 502. And ultimately, the leader in his best ten consecutive years span is Sammy Sosa with 479 Home Runs. Quite unique data isn't it?

For each player that ever played since the late 1800s the application displays his lifetime stats and his basic player profile. The app also displayes whether the player is in the Hall of Fame, or the reason he is not.Press Release


  • Statistics for a player’s Best Ten Years
  • Statistics for a player’s Best Ten Consecutive Years span
  • Leaders in their Lifetime Performance
  • Leaders in their Best Performance Years
  • Leaders in their Best Ten Consecutive Years span
  • Information of every MLB player since the late 1800s
  • List of players in the Hall of Fame
  • Player Hall of Fame information: whether he is a member or the reason he is not
  • Player earned awards
  • Player basic information: weight, height, date of birth, debut year, and so on
  • Support of landscape orientation through the entire application